Tuesday June 9, 2020


 7:30 AM Mountain Standard Time


The Canadian Council for the Americas Alberta is honored in extending an invitation to join us at our keynote annual event “THE BREAKFAST OF THE AMERICAS” which in this occasion focuses on the themes: “The New NAFTA” and “The Future of Energy in Latin America”. The program will take place virtually using the Zoom platform on the morning of June 9, 2020. The Breakfast of the Americas is a signature CCA event which provides participants with first-hand information, key contacts, and valuable market intelligence to support their efforts to do business in strategic sectors of the Mexican market.

We are honored to have the participation of Dr. Jesus Seade, Under Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico who is our guest speaker who will deliver a keynote presentation on The New Canada, U.S., Mexico Agreement. Dr. Seade will join Matt Rooney, with the George Bush Institute and Carlo Dade, with the Canada West Foundation for a panel discussion on how the new North American agreement will impact business relationships, trade and investment in the region in different sectors and industries.

We welcome the participation of Ambassador Pierre Alarie, Director for Latin America, ATCO Group, Leonardo Beltran, Board Member and Advisor, Sustainable Energy for All and Fundación por Mexico, World Bank, and John Padilla, Director, IPD Latin America. “THE FUTURE OF ENERGY IN LATIN AMERICA” portion will provide different perspectives on how new trends and technologies are or will affect the way different source of energy are being produced in Latin America and how this is impacting business relationships, trade and investment in the region in different industries.



Dr. Jesus Seade, Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexico

Jesús Seade serves as Undersecretary for North America for the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He previously served as Chief NAFTA Negotiator for President Lopez Obrador. Seade holds a Chemical Engineering degree (Summa Cum Laude) from UNAM-Mexico, and a BPhil and DPhil degrees in Economics from the University of Oxford.  He has led a very global career straddling academia (in UK, France, Mexico, Hong Kong and China) and high-level public service nationally and internationally (Mexico’s multilateral ambassador in the creation of WTO; and top or senior officer in the three leading global economic bodies: WTO in Geneva, and World Bank and IMF in Washington DC). As Ambassador to GATT, he led Mexico’s playing a very influential and constructive role in the creation of WTO. As WTO Deputy Director-General he led economic work and relations with governments, legislatures, press and business sectors in member countries around the world. As IMF Senior Advisor he held final responsibility, under the IMF Board, for IMF policies towards three major countries in financial crisis in 1998-2001: Brazil, Argentina and Turkey, and later presided over all IMF transparency work (fiscal, banking and data). As an academic, he has influential publications listed in doctoral programs in the US and Europe for over 30 years, in public finance, market structure and international trade. In Hong Kong and China he has been Vice-President of two leading universities and, in HK, he was a member of the Advisory Boards of the ministers of trade and of financial services.



Matthew Rooney, Managing Director, Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative, George W. Bush Institute

Matthew Rooney joined the Bush Center in June 2015 following a career as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State.  As head of the Bush Institute’s Economic Growth Initiative, Mr. Rooney has focused on analyzing the impacts of NAFTA on the growth, job creation and competitiveness of the economies of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  His work has also focused on building a network of thought leaders in Central America committed to promoting economic policy reforms to put that region on a sustained and broad-based growth track.  The Economic Growth Initiative has produced a significant body of work analyzing the benefits of immigration for U.S. economic growth and promoted common-sense reform at the federal level.  Under his leadership, the Bush Institute has developed a partnership with the SMU Department of Economics to produce analysis and advocacy on domestic policy constraints on growth. In his Foreign Service career at postings in Washington and abroad, Mr. Rooney focused on advocating market-driven solutions to economic policy challenges in both industrialized and developing countries, and on protecting the interests of U.S. companies abroad. In Washington, Mr. Rooney was on loan to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to create a high-level private sector advisory body for the Summits of the Americas, working closely with the U.S. private sector and with companies and business associations from throughout the Americas to negotiate an agenda to promote economic integration in the region.  Previously, he was Deputy Assistant Secretary responsible for relations with Canada and Mexico and for regional economic policy.   In prior Washington assignments, Mr. Rooney worked for then-Senator Fred Thompson, and supported negotiations to open global markets to U.S. airline services. Abroad, Mr. Rooney was Consul General in Munich, a Consulate General providing a full range of Consular and export promotion services, supporting a permanent presence of 30,000 U.S. forces in two major base complexes, and carrying out a media and public relations initiative in support of U.S. diplomatic objectives in Germany. As Counselor for Economic and Commercial Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in San Salvador, El Salvador, he laid the groundwork for free trade negotiations between the United States and the five countries of Central America and promoted market-based reforms for electrical power.  Prior to this, Matthew served in various posts in Germany, Gabon and Côte d’Ivoire. Matthew studied Economics, German and French at the University of Texas at Austin and received his Master’s Degree in International Management at the University of Texas at Dallas.


Carlo Dade, Director of the Trade and Investment Centre Canada West Foundation, Canada

As Director of the Trade & Investment Centre, Carlo Dade develops and leads research to promote growth and profitability in western Canada’s export economy. Carlo has a long history in international public policy most recently as Senior Fellow in the University of Ottawa’s School of International Development and Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. He is also a member of the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (COMEXI). Carlo has been a leading voice in debates on recent Canadian free trade agreements and development of trade infrastructure. He has a reputation for big-picture thinking and is a leading global expert on pan-Pacific trade, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Pacific Alliance trade blocs. He is one of Canada’s leading commentators on North American competitiveness and Canada-Mexico relations. Carlo is a highly sought-after media commentator throughout North America.


Pierre Alarie, Managing Director for Mexico and Latin America, ATCO Group

Pierre Alarie is Managing Director for ATCO Mexico and Latin America. He served ad Canada’s Ambassador to the United Mexican States from 2015 to 2019. Pierre Alarie joined the Department of External Affairs in 1982. While in Ottawa, Mr. Alarie served as a trade desk officer with the European bureau. He served abroad as second secretary in Lagos and as first secretary in Santiago. After his assignment in Chile, Mr. Alarie joined the private sector. Between 1991 and 1993, Mr. Alarie was vice-president, business development of Bombardier’s transportation group, and in 1994 he became vice-president, business development, for SNC-Lavalin International in Mexico City. Subsequently, Mr. Alarie was the managing director, Latin America, for the real estate subsidiary of the Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec. In 1998, he joined the Bank of Nova Scotia as country representative in Mexico City, a position he held until 2004. Between 2004 and 2009 he acted as adviser for several Canadian companies. In 2009, Mr. Alarie became vice president, business development and sales, of the Canadian Commercial Corporation in Ottawa. Mr. Alarie obtained a master’s degree in Public Administration at the College of Europe, Bruges, 1982, and is a certified corporate director and a certified administrator.


 Leonardo Beltran, Board Member and Advisor, Sustainable Energy for All, Fundación por Mexico, World Bank

Leonardo Beltran has over 20 years of experience and is member of the Board of Sustainable Energy for All; Fundación por México; the World Economic Forum´s project on Partnering to Accelerate Sustainable Energy Innovation; and mentor of the regional program for Latin America of the Global Women´s Network for the Energy Transition. Currently he is a Non-Resident Fellow at the Institute of the Americas, Executive Fellow and member of the Advisory Committee of the Extractive Resources Governance Program of the School of Public Policy of the University of Calgary, instructor to the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE) and member of the editorial committee of Enerlac from OLADE, and a consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the World Bank. He served in the Department of Energy (SENER) of the government of Mexico as Deputy Secretary for Planning and Energy Transition (2012-2018), Director-General for Information and Energy Studies (2010-2012) and Director for International Negotiations (2005-2010); and a Consultant to BBVA Bancomer (2000-2003). Mr. Beltran has been a consultant also to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. He holds a Masters in Public Administration in International Development from Harvard Kennedy School, a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), and studied Law at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).


John Padilla, Managing Director, IPD Latin America

As Managing Director and partner at IPD, John leverages a decade of Wall Street experience in structured energy and infrastructure financing to offer comprehensive perspective and insights on the energy sector throughout Latin America. John has consulted a wide array of clients on strategic matters over the last 20 years, providing them granular understanding and context of local energy markets. His unique mix of experience offers deep understanding and a pragmatic, well-grounded approach. John led IPD’s expansion into Mexico in 2001 as the energy market was set to open and has been based in Bogota since 2011. John is regularly quoted in the U.S. and international press, and routinely speaks at industry conferences and events. Prior to joining IPD, John was Vice President and a Global Relationship Manager with Dresdner Kleinwort Benson in its N.Y. based Energy, Utility, and Infrastructure Group, focusing on large domestic and international projects in Latin America, the U.S. and Asia. He also held positions with the project finance group at Banque Paribas and the transportation group at Manufacturers Hanover (now JP Morgan Chase).



Miguel Cortines, President and Executive Director, Canadian Council for the Americas Alberta

Miguel is the President and Executive Director of The Canadian Council for the Americas Alberta and Founder of Casa Mexico Foundation. Miguel’s expertise includes more than a decade of international business development experience promoting trade and investment opportunities between Canadian and Latin American businesses. His expertise includes providing strategic advice and facilitation services to companies interested in expanding their operations to Mexico and Latin America. Miguel’s main responsibilities include international trade and market research, evaluation of business opportunities, B2B international negotiations, corporate and government relations, conferences, and trade shows planning. Miguel has also a solid accounting and financial background with expertise in project planning, financial analysis, and budgeting. Miguel’s previous expertise includes working with the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Director of Economic Affairs and Community Relations with the Consulate of Mexico in Calgary. Miguel’s experience also includes working for dmg events Canada, organizers of the Global Petroleum Show, where he managed the Latin America portfolio and the relationship with diverse NOC’s in the region including PEMEX, PDVSA, CNOOC and Perupetro, among others.